What are you waiting for? Go Vote!

Good morning!  Ok, let me start by saying that this is not a political post.  This post is not a Republican versus Democrat post… this is an “I’m tired of listening to people complain about a system they did not participate in” post.

Every year, regardless of who is in office, regardless of whichever party is in the majority, you always hear people complain about how the nation / state / city is being run.  I don’t know about you, but I think this is a good thing!  It is amazing that we live in a country where personal opinions can be voiced without fear.  I think it is a gift that we are allowed to chose who our leaders are as so many countries are not able to do so.  That being said, I personally tire of hearing people complain about a system they have not participated in… what do I mean, you ask, let me explain.

We have the privilege, no, we have the responsibility, to elect our officials.  It is our duty to do our research and not just listen to what we are told by people’s campaign officials and the media.  We then must make our voices heard.  Let me guess the next argument people might have – what change can one person, one vote make?  One person can make a significant change.  If you look throughout history, more often than not, change has happened because a dedicated person or a dedicated small group has worked hard to create change.  For those who don’t vote or don’t take part in the process because you are afraid your voice won’t make a difference, rest assured, your apathy will.  By choosing not to participate, you have made the choice to maintain the status quo.  Therefore, please do me and every other person who takes the time to do their research and vote a favor, please be quiet.  You no longer get the right to vote about a system you took no part in.  People have fought, bled and died to give us our right to vote, our right to have a voice, for us not to use that voice would make us hypocritical at best.

Anyway, today is Super Tuesday, so go out and do your patriotic duty and vote.  Your vote does matter!

Until We Meet Again,



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