March you are a tease…

Well, we are a grand total of 5 days into March and thus far we have already had rain, snow, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and might I add, 70 degree weather!  March, you are such a tease!  Every time I get my hopes up that the weather will be nice, they are crushed by that fickle mistress, March Weather!

For instance, Saturday I was running in shorts and a tank top, then, yesterday I went for a jog and wore running tights and an under armor top… Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate cold weather from December until mid-February, however as soon as March 1 rolls around, I am ready to go running in shorts, break out my spring colors and clothes… Spring Green just isn’t the same when it is a wooly turtleneck sweater.

I’m fairly certain my neighbors laughed at me on Saturday (which is not entirely uncommon).  I was running around my yard wearing bright colors, shorts and doing yardwork.  By Sunday, however, we had snowflakes and my poor flowers were so confused about coming through the ground.  I just hope that they don’t follow the example of Punxsutawney Phil and hide out for 6 more weeks.

Come on March… my spring wardrobe is ready to be worn, all I need is some warm weather and some sunshine.  I don’t think that’s asking too much.  Until the weather warms though, I will just wear my spring colors inside and amuse my neighbors when the rare warm day arrives.

Until We Meet Again,



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