To Nashville we go… Day 2

Well, Tuesday morning dawned a beautiful day!  With Nashville being on the edge of the Central time zone, the sun rises quite early there and it was very nice to wake up to full sunshine!  After getting pulled together, we met in the lobby to head to the annual TAPA meeting.  I feel like I should mention that there was a conference for judges in our hotel, so it was very entertaining while waiting in the lobby to just take a moment to “people-watch” (easily one of my favorite activities!!!).  Anyway…

At the Annual Meeting we confirmed the incoming president of TAPA and voted in the new President-Elect.  After finishing the business side of our meeting we left to go meet with our individual legislators.

First, before I forget, we had presented Speaker of the House Harwell with our Legislator of the Year award the night before (she is a sustainer in Junior League of Nashville).

Anyway, we met with Representative Lundberg and the House dog, Nash.  We brought Nash a few bones to play with before meeting with Representative Lundberg.  We mostly discussed stuff from home, but we did review some upcoming legislation which was going before committee that day!  It is always exciting in Nashville.

After meeting with Representative Lundberg, he walked us to our next meeting with Senator Faulk.  To get us there as efficiently as possible (and maybe to not be eaten alive by all the lobbyists and interest groups in the hallways) he took us a back way (how exciting!).  Anyway, upon arrival to Senator Faulk’s office we presented his dog Rueben with his dog treats (he loved them!) and discussed upcoming legislation with Senator Faulk.

After our meeting with Senator Faulk, we went to meet with the Lieutenant Governor, Ron Ramsey.  We were shown into his office quickly and before long had launched into a discussion about upcoming legislation (shocking I know!) and people and things from back home.

To summarize, we had an excellent visit with all of our legislators and accomplished what we needed to for Junior League and for TAPA.  And, on a side note, we were surrounded in TAPA by Junior League’s from larger cities that had far more members than we did… however, I feel that we represented our League excellently.  Our League (JLK) does amazing things for our size and we have formed excellent relationships not only with our legislators, but within our community and for that, regardless of size, we should be (and are) very proud!


Until We Meet Again,



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