Julie’s Adventures in running land…

Well, yesterday after work I sprinted home to change so that I could take advantage of the amazing weather.  I got home, changed immediately, strapped on my Garmin, plugged in my iPod and started happily on my way.

Mile 1 – Fantastic, the weather was beautiful, everyone was out playing in their yards, walking on the sidewalks, even the dogs were well-behaved (that should have been the first clue that my brilliant plan would go awry).

Mile 2 – Still fantastic, was enjoying a great runner’s high, the sun was shining, birds were signing (or at least I think they were… couldn’t hear because of the iPod, but AC/DC was definitely singing!).

Mile 3 – Going strong, enjoying the beautiful skies, saying hi to everyone I passed (why not, after all I was enjoying my great run and fantastic weather).

Mile 4 – Still feeling fantastic, however, I start to notice that the sun is getting a little lower… no biggie, I’m not that far from home… (I was running a 10 mile route)

Mile 5 – Run is feeling great… legs are wonderful, lungs are good… no more singing birds… and some street lights are coming on…

Mile 6 – Still going strong… no more sunshine… all street lights now… and I’m not in a great part of town… and I don’t have my cell phone or cash (knew I forgot something).  Good news – I had an awesome playlist going, so I was happily jamming out while running.

Mile 6.5 – Really bad part of town (now, when I lived in a larger city, no worries, there were enough people out and about no worries… but in a smaller town… also, I knew that if I was unable to contact my Mother in a bit… well, you might as well call out the National Guard, because I daresay if she thought anyone in her family needed them, she would make it happen.  You think I’m kidding?  I’m not. Trust me.)

Mile 7 – Found a beauty parlor to stop in and used their phone.  The ladies were incredibly nice and admonished me (in a motherly fashion) for running. And for running by myself. And for running by myself after dark. And for running….  Anyway, they let me use their phone to call a ride (Thanks Mom!).

Mile 8-10 – Great!  My legs were propped up in the car and I was jamming to the radio song while zipping home!

Moral of my story… even when it is warm outside… don’t forget how important Daylight Savings is…  and carry a cell phone 🙂


Until We Meet Again,



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