You know you are an adult when…

So… it may shock some of you to know, but there are times it still hits me hard that I am, in fact an adult.  Therefore, since today is Friday I figured we all would be in for some laughs.  Thus, in typical Letterman Style, here is my countdown!

You know you are an adult when…
10.  A “good” Saturday is one where you only go to Lowe’s or Home Depot once!
9.  You no longer wait until you have absolutely NO clean clothes before doing laundry.
8.  You have a single glass of wine / beer and you can feel it the next day.
7.  You can correctly identify your Representatives and Senators (both state and national!).
6.  You use your checking and savings accounts, have an IRA, and understand financial terms.
5.  When you get something in the mail other than a bill or junk mail it is more than likely a wedding invitation, baby shower invitation, a thank you for a wedding gift or a baby shower gift.
4.  You not only watch / read the news, but you actually understand what’s going on and follow certain stories.
3.  When you “sleep in” on the weekends, you are lucky if you can sleep past 8 AM.
2.  You shake hands with strangers.
1.  Your work clothes outnumber your casual clothes 3-to-1 in your closet.

I hope you enjoyed my little countdown.  Let me know if I forgot any!



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