Why, Hello Fall!

So, today I was driving back from dropping off some stuff at several of my client’s offices and it hit me… Fall is not only here, but the colors this year are already amazing!  I was driving and looking around and already there are beautiful reds, oranges and browns showing through! I cannot wait to see all the colors at their peak in a few weeks!  With the past few years having been so incredibly dry the turning of the leaves has been nowhere as striking as in the past, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing some gorgeous trees!

After enjoying the beautiful leaves for a bit, I started actually looking around and saw several fall decorations and pumpkins out!  This year fall has surprised me with its “sudden” appearance.  Yes, I know fall has been here and I have just been in my own little world and not noticed, but it was a very nice surprise today!  Happy Fall to everyone!



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