Why do I run?

Good morning!  Before I begin I would like to apologize as I realize that it has been a while since I last posted (my sincerest apologies for those two people who follow my blog, haha!).
My training for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon is going well.  So far I’ve been able to keep most of the scheduled runs with only a few interruptions from outside events.  However, a good friend asked me the other day why I run…  Wow… what a difficult question to answer to someone who is not a runner.
Why do I run?  I run because I like the freedom of being able to chart my own course.  I run because I love the runner’s high after a great run and the motivation to get that runner’s high after a bad run.  I run because I like the challenge of doing something that I thought was impossible or difficult only a few weeks or months earlier.  I run because regardless of how it seems during a race there is only one person I have to beat… myself.  I run because early in the morning the road doesn’t care if my makeup isn’t done or my hair isn’t perfect, it just cares that I stopped by.  I run because even though it hurts sometimes, a life without pain would make the good times less important.  I run because it pushes me to be better, stronger and faster.  I run because I can.
This evening when I run I will be running alongside the ghosts of my past runs and the hopes of my future runs.  I will be running to beat my past and prepare for my future.  That is why I run.


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