What a week…

Whew… last week was crazy!  For those of you who talked with me during the week, I would like to apologize if many of my answers to questions / texts / etc came across as nonsense, grunts or a simple nod of the head.  Between Junior League’s Holiday Market which I am co-chairing next year (so this year I was trying to pretend I was a sponge and learn *everything* possible) coordinating the Fall Festival for the Netherland Inn the weekend prior and leaving town this past weekend to be in a dear friend’s wedding in Charleston, I was a bit swamped… oh and did I forget to mention working during this…  Sometimes we can’t all be Superman…

Anyway, I am now back to normal (well, as normal as I get!) and am starting to prepare for the next big things coming up for me!  First in a few weeks (Oct. 30) I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.  I am simultaneously nervous and excited.  Nervous because my training has not been exactly to the schedule I had originally hoped for.  Excited because, do I really need to explain it… I am getting to run with 30,000+ other runners through our nation’s capital!!!!

Next up on the agenda I will be going to visit several of my dear friends in Atlanta for a weekend (Nov. 4, 5 and 6).  I cannot wait!  Beth was one of my little sisters in my sorority and is a dear friend!  I will be staying with her and her husband in their fabulous new house (LOVE IT!) and getting to see my god dogs, Toby & Ollie!  Yes, they are fantastic dogs and I cannot wait to bring them treats! (I know, I totally ruined the surprise since Beth reads my blog… but I am pretty certain Toby and Ollie can’t read, so they will still be happy!)  I will also have the chance to see my friend, Glenn and catch up .  Hopefully can meet up with several of my other Atlanta friends.

Then from November 7 through 11, will be running in the Operation One Voice – Special Operations Forces Run from Atlanta to Tampa!  I am so excited, this will be my fourth year running with the team and each year it gets better and better.  Also, it is always wonderful to reconnect with my friends from the previous year.  It is a fun-filled week full of memories, friends, silly moments, somber moments and a sense of patriotism that is unmatched.

After that is another run, Thanksgiving, a class reunion and all sorts of other mischief! Now I am tired again! haha, have a great day folks!



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