Well it sounded like a good idea at the time…

So, in a moment of “inspiration” I have decided to sign up for a half-marathon.  And, not being content just to commit myself, I have talked, begged, pleaded, and bribed several of my friends to run as well!  Ok, so I’m going to go out on this limb and say that in a few months, my legs probably won’t be thanking me for this, but, oh well…  Now, the fun part, the half-marathon that I have decided to run and conned my friends into running with me is the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, because let’s be honest, it isn’t just enough to run a half-marathon, we must do it with people who are 1- Serious Runners 2- Serious People and 3- Did I mention serious runners?  Haha, yes… I have had more brilliant ideas.

Anyway, I went on my first training run this morning and I realized that I have a long way to go and my legs are already hating me!  Bring it on Marine Corps Historic Half on May 15!  Anyone interested?  🙂



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