Welcome Home…

Home is where the heart is they say… I’m sure that will be true once I find my way out of the boxes stacked in my garage right now!  I moved over 3 weeks ago and while I am normally not one to linger on unpacking, I would much rather just get it over with.  However, I have been inundated with company the past few weeks, which has been fantastic, but now I am attempting to dig my way out of all the boxes.  For me, moving is always so cathartic.  It allows you to donate unwanted or unused items, clothing, etc.  In my case, find things I had forgotten I owned and start using them!

Anyway, my new place is in a neighborhood where I am not representative of the typical demographic.  Most of the residents are retired and have lived there for over 15 years.  It is a very quiet neighborhood and I get the feeling that I am “watched”, but in a good way.  When I go out to get my mail or take my trash out, many of my neighbors poke their heads out, wave, offer me some tea or a cookie.  When I go running, many of the residents offer water if I am thirsty or shade to sit under when it is hot (which it has been miserably hot these past few weeks).  Their friendliness and kindness started me thinking about what our generation sometimes lacks in the way of “neighborliness”.  For instance, I don’t know that I have ever just offered someone a cookie or tea.  I cannot honestly say that as someone has run by, I have ever even thought to offer a glass of water (I mean if they were passing out due to heat, I’m sure I would think of it!).

Well, that has led to my newest “mini-resolution”… I will strive to be a better neighbor… not just to my actual physical neighbors, but to anyone I interact with during the day.  I know that while I at times shake my head at my retired neighbors antics, they always bring a smile to my face and a little pep to my step… It is past time that I do that for someone else.  Have a great day!



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