UT Football, Tailgating and Noah

 What a weekend!  We had the home opener for the Tennessee Volunteers, UT vs. Montana.  I arrived in Knoxville Friday evening along with several of my friends.  We proceeded to get a group together to get dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Cumberland Grill / Copper Cellar.  It also didn’t hurt that they had $2 beer specials!  Score!  Anyway, after eating enough to make ourselves miserable, we all decided to call it a night since we had a full day of tail-gating the next day.

Well, Saturday morning comes and I decide after looking at my schedule to do my long run on Saturday…  However, it became apparent to me about 1/2 way into my run that I not only had lost the shade, but I had found the hills… a TON of them…  I made a judgement call around mile 11 to stop my run, make my way back to the condo and get ready for the tailgate as I didn’t want to be completely wiped out before a day of tail-gating!  Throughout the course of the day we had several people stop by and stay for a bit, it was quite nice to see everyone and catch up!

When it was time to head to the stadium, we looked up and the sky looked ready to let loose with a crazy storm, so our group decided to head to a bar to watch the first bit of the game.  We were the only cats heading away from Neyland Stadium and were we glad!  We walked into the bar and within moments the clouds burst and rain started pouring down in sheets.  I think at one point we even looked outside and saw Noah floating down Cumberland Avenue!

Anyway, when the rain abated, we made our way back to the stadium, sat in our seats amongst a crowd of soaked fans and enjoyed cheering Tennessee on to victory!  Granted, the team is still young and made several rookie mistakes, but overall, considering the age of the team, the game conditions (soggy – at best), they played well and should be proud!  As always, it was great to be in Neyland Stadium and cheer the Volunteers on!  Go Vols!

Neyland Stadium – UT vs. Montana (9/3/2011)



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