The ransom notes for Lil T!

Good morning!  If you have spent any time at all reading this blog, you will know that I am a *huge* University of Tennessee fan.  I earned my engineering degree there as well as a degree in fanatical football fandom!  (Yes, I am aware of the completely awesome alliteration I just used!).  Anyway, I carry with me at all times a UT koozie, because, let’s face it, you never know when you will need to hold a cold drink (water, Coke, beer, etc).
Well, I participate yearly in a run from Atlanta to Tampa with a group called Operation One Voice to support the families and children of fallen and wounded Special Operations Forces.  On the run I am usually the token civilian and the only UT fan, therefore, it is always the running joke to see who can “kidnap” my koozie.  Well, this year I have been receiving frequent “ransom notes” from the “captors” holding Lil T (as my koozie is now affectionately called).  Lil T has logged more flight time than most people in the past few months!  Below I have posted some of the ransom notes I have received (some cannot be posted due to security reasons, crazy, I know!)!  I hope everyone is having a great day!

Lil T preparing for a run!
Lil T scoping out the sidewalk (and freedom!)
Lil T at a board meeting of Operation One Voice
Lil T & a Special Operations Command koozie getting to know each other!
Lil T with his Special Operations Forces friend!
Lil T enjoying some Budweiser (courtesy of Eagle Rock Distributors)
Lil T taking in a round of golf!



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