The One… The Only… B B King!

Well, this past Friday I had the opportunity to see a legend perform.  The one and only BB King was in Knoxville to perform… I will wait a minute and let that sink in… Yes, *the* BB King performed this past weekend, and yes, I was there to see it.
My entire life, and I daresay many of my readers’ lives (all 3 of you! haha) we have heard BB King’s music, watched him perform on TV as he, like so many other legends, bared his souls for us in his art.  And, as so many other legends before him, we have seen him grow older (he is 86), yet still he is performing.  When he took the stage in Knoxville, you could tell his band did not just view him as their boss or their meal ticket, no, each of the musicians that shared the stage with Mr. King were world-class musicians in their own right.  They were there, performing with him because they wanted to say they had performed with a legend.  As he came onto stage, all of the band members was incredibly protective of him.  Throughout the performance, each was always watching him and making sure he was doing good… and was he ever…

Though age has touched his body, his mind and his voice are as sharp and poignant as ever.  He did not shy away from the tough songs, and he did not falter on the difficult parts.  His performance had people singing and dancing in the aisles.  I was humbled to see him perform.  As he exited the stage, one of his assistants brought out his coat and hat for him to put on as he left.  It is rare these days that we get to see performers like him.  The audience did not falter and gave him a standing ovation for the time it took him to stand (he required some assistance) and walk off the stage (there was a wheelchair waiting for him in the wings).

I’ve adopted the mantra that whenever a legend performs and if I am able to make it to the concert, I will!

Not the greatest picture… but in the very middle, seated is BB King!

Until Tomorrow,


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