The last few days of training

As of this morning, we are officially 5 days away from the start of the 6’th annual Operation One Voice Special Operations Forces Run.  What is the OOV SOF Run you ask?  Well, glad you inquired!  The SOF Run consists of a team of 20-24 runners, forming two squads of law enforcement, firefighters, members of the United States Special Operations Forces… oh and yours truly!  The runners are then divided into two teams, the “Georgia” team and the “Florida” team.  Both teams participate in a leapfrog run from Duluth in Gwinnett County, Georgia to Busch Gardens, in Tampa FL (600+ miles!).  The route proceeds from Capital to Capital, with several public relations events in cities along the route and ends with the final two miles being run in formation into Busch Gardens.

So, now that the official description is done, what is the translation?  We get several people who like to run (or at least at the beginning of the trip they like to run) and send them down the road jogging their merry little hearts out, while getting very little sleep and enjoying a few beers while doing so.  Why do we keep doing it?
1:  This is such a great cause and the people that we get to help are the type who will not ask for help when they need it the most.
2:  It is a fun reunion every year, oh and we get to drink beer, play cornhole on the side of the road, grill out burgers in parking lots, and get chased by dogs in cold weather!  What more could you ask for?

Well, now that I have given the official and unofficial description of what my next week and a half will entail, it is off to get one of my last training runs in.



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