Spring Has Sprung…


Well, it is official; it feels like Spring is FINALLY here.  Yesterday temperatures were up into the 70’s.  How wonderful it is to have this warm weather back?  I love actually being able to run outside without needing my long sleeves!
Speaking of running, one of my dearest friends, Emily, has decided to train for a 5K.  Who’s excited?  Oh, yes, that would be me!  Therefore, we are going to start running together a few days a week.  This is something new for her, so I am looking forward to helping her with it if I can.  I am not a great runner, but I love to share the joy of running with others.
The run she is training for is the Netherland Inn’s Don’t Rock the Boat 5K in June, which I am coordinating and planning.  It has been crazy trying to get all the permissions / approvals / etc. to make this run a reality.  The bottleneck is a certain road that we would have to close for 15 minutes.  This road is one of the busiest in Kingsport.  Hopefully we can make this happen.
Anyway, with all the rain last night I am off to build my ark so that I can float down the river that is outside of my office today!


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