Running in the heat…

“Somewhere in the world someone is training when you are not.  When you race him, he will win.”  Tom Fleming

With missing a good bit of training these past few weeks due to being an idiot (yes, that is my official story and I’m sticking to it! Ha-ha) the above quote has become my main motivator recently.  Again, please understand I make no pretense of actually thinking that I will finish anywhere within the realm of fast, but this is motivating me to train and push myself harder.  Especially with the recent heat wave the South has been having (Satan called and he wants his weather back)!
Yesterday, I had planned to run at the gym, so as not to push too hard in the 95-degree weather with crazy humidity.  However, life had other plans, which at the end of the day, I was glad about.  When I got to the gym, all of the treadmills were taken and there was a line.  Thus, I left; strapped on my Garmin watch, turned on the iPod and let my legs start running.
When I returned home, I was quite hot, glistening profusely and thrilled.  No matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise, there is absolutely nothing like running outside, in the elements, pushing yourself.  Anyway, tonight I run again and I do plan on making it a good one!


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