Planning… gives me a headache!

Well, I’ve been trying for the past few days to get my running / race schedule worked out for the coming months and it, as most planning does, has managed to give me a headache.  I am trying to run in races near family members / friends / etc.  This is a bit challenging as some races have not announced their dates for next year, but I think I am starting to make progress (Marine Corps Historic Half, Crazy 8’s, Raleigh Rocks, Music City Marathon, Birmingham, Disney… hopefully, a Mud Race or two… who knows!).  The schedule is slowly taking shape!  Always a good feeling!

On a positive note, my marathon training is going well!  I have missed a few critical times due to illness, but I am now back at fighting strength and am looking forward to my long runs!  I’ve almost got my new kicks broken in, so hopefully the blisters will be going away shortly and I can just enjoy my runs!  However, between work and community involvement, my running schedule has been a bit haphazard lately… definitely something that needs to improve!

If you have any suggestions of races that are a lot of fun or an event that you would recommend, please let me know!  Happy Monday!



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