Pay it Forward…

This afternoon, one of my good customers, a local Vet Hospital was having a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Chamber of Commerce.  I was not totally aware of this until I met with them at 10:30 this morning… and the ribbon cutting was at 3 PM this afternoon.  Thus, I kicked into overdrive…. ordering cocktail tables, linens, beverages, decorations, music, treats for the dogs & cats etc.  I thought I was ahead of the curve until I went to pick up the balloons.  Now, granted I was in a rush and granted I was trying to do 100 things at once, but I don’t think I fully grasped the concept of squeezing that many balloons into my car.  I mean, I had only ordered 40, but I wasn’t driving my SUV, so the back seat was all that was available.

I arrived at the store to pick up these festive balloons, paid and started taking them out to my car.  I was about halfway to my car when it dawned on me that I might not be able to fit everything inside my car…  Oh well, I was already committed.  Therefore, I kept walking and when I got to my car, I struggled to get my keys out, unlocked the door and started the first of many of what I am sure were humorous attempts to load these balloons into the car.  Five minutes later, I at least hadn’t lost any balloons, but that was about as much as I had accomplished.  I was just about to give up and call a co-worker who has an SUV when out of nowhere, my knight in shining armor arrived… well actually knight in overalls and lady in scrubs!  They helped me divide the balloons into small groups so I could actually squeeze them into my car.  When I turned around to thank them after getting everything loaded, they simply smiled and said your welcome and walked off to get their lunch.

It isn’t often when you can say people truly surprise you, but these two did.  Out of nowhere, they came to help a total stranger.  Today was a day that I needed a little boost, and those two kind souls helped me more than they know.  I guess now it is up to me to pay it forward!



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