Paddle Faster, I hear banjos… Bluegrass Half Marathon

Well, this past weekend a friend and I (through exceptional planning) ran two races in less than 36 hours… we are smart!  The first was the mud run, which was yesterday’s post… The second was the Bluegrass Half Marathon.  Before you think anything, yes we are aware that we are “those people” that others laugh at.  Anyway, we arrived early for the half-marathon, because apparently in addition to not looking at a calendar when planning this weekend, I didn’t look at the start time.  I thought it started at 7 AM, so my friend and I get there super early, start stretching and are wondering why the parking lots are all empty… Yep, you got it.  The race started at 7:30.  Anyway, we get lined up to run and by this point we start realizing that doing an obstacle course run the day before might not have been our smartest option.  Oh well, it was too late by then.

Anyway, we started the run with the intention of going slow, steady and just enjoying the scenery, which we did.  The course was pretty and fairly flat (max elevation change was only 250 feet at a low grade).  Anyway, we finished the race to a supportive team of my parents and promptly made our way to the beer tent!  Because, let’s not kid ourselves, passing the sign at mile 3 that there would be beer at the finish was definitely a motivating factor in my continuing to run the course.  After enjoying our beer, resting our feet briefly, we loaded up, headed home, cleaned up and went to a healthy lunch of pizza!

I have included some pics below of us during the run and after.  Enjoy!

Just a half mile from the finish line!


Done… slow and steady!


Posing for a picture right after running, but really trying to find the beer tent!


Success!  Beer Tent Located!  The best part?  On the medals is a beer bottle opener… yes, you read that right!


Getting ready to head home after a fun run and a good morning!

On that note, I’m off to run today after work!  Have a great day!



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