Operation One Voice SOF Run – Day 1 – Duluth to Columbus

Well, Monday (11/7) morning dawned to a pretty day!  Unlike last year, the temperature this year was above 40 which was definitely a blessing as I am not really good at cold weather.  Anyway, I got all my stuff reloaded into my bags (because I apparently cannot pack light) and took them down to load on the bus.  At the bus I ran into several old friends and made several new ones!  We loaded up and headed to downtown Duluth to form up and begin our 560 mile trek to Tampa!

As we formed up, the group sang happy birthday to Bill (his birthday always falls on Day 1 of the run!).  Although our intention was good, we might not be destined to be on American Idol or any singing competition.  Anyway, we started at the Duluth War Memorial and started our trek!  After we did the first of many PR (Public Relations) runs we (day team) got into the Eagle Rock (Budweiser) bus and headed to hang out at Eagle Rock Distributors for a bit while the night team did the running.  We hung around the warehouse, threw a football, ate some sandwiches and had an otherwise excellent time!  Before you knew it, it was time to head downtown to run into the Capitol.

After forming up downtown, running through the city and then being greeted by the head of the Georgia State Patrol (Marine) we (the Day Team) took over the running and the night team headed to bunk up in Columbus, GA.

Thus, the day team started running toward Pine Mountain, Georgia and Lagrange!  Those of us who weren’t the first ones up stayed on the bus and hung out, had a few beverages (after all, we were on the Budweiser bus!) and joked around.  My turn to run was at 8 PM.  I had the opportunity to run with my friend, J.R. (Air Force PAO, and all around great guy!).  Thus, we started our run and before long we were chatting, running, avoiding dogs and otherwise trying not to cause mayhem!  Our run ended too soon it felt like, but our friends Tom and Steve ran after us… um… those cats are fast!!!  Anyway, after they ran, our friends the Kaps (Joe – Army Ranger and his wife Kim – all around awesome lady and Joe’s brother Randy – soon-to-be-Marine) ran as a family!  I’ve known Joe since he started running with OOV (2007).  We both had our inaugural year together.  He is an Army Ranger who also happens to be an amputee.  But, to see that young man run is altogether AMAZING!  He is a machine and a pretty cool guy as well!

Anyway, after we ran, it was time for several necessities… food… beverages… more beverages… and did I mention more beverages?  After all was said and done, we rolled into Columbus around 1:30 or so in the morning!  We got our key cards and like lightning, we were off!  It had been a long day and we had to be back on the bus no later than 6:30 AM and we still had shirts to wash and showers to take and e-mails to answer…  All part of a busy day on the OOV-SOF run!  Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2-Albany to Tallahassee.  Pics are below!

Until we meet again,

Our Shirt!
Getting ready to run!  Forming up for the first PR Run!
Our First Run as a Team along flag lined streets!
Playing Football at the Eagle Rock Distributors!
Hanging around at Eagle Rock Distributors
Running in Downtown Atlanta!
Being addressed by the head of the Georgia State Patrol
The price of our freedom




Team Kap running!


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