My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now!

Well, my training for the marathon is going about as well as could be expected!  I got a good run in this past weekend, promptly followed by sitting by the pool the rest of the afternoon, having a few beers and then going to a Travis Tritt Concert… more on the 9/11 weekend with Operation One Voice later though.  It was funny at the beginning of my run on Saturday, my iPod pulled the wrong play list and one of my jazz play lists came up.  And, yes, the first song that came up was rather ironic… “My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now” by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.  What a great way to start an 18 mile run.

By the end of the very very very hilly run (it didn’t look that hilly when driving it!) I was singing “My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now” to myself as a motivator to get up those last few hills!  Overall a great run though!  I will post more on the 9/11 Remembrance weekend tomorrow!  Until then, I’m off to run!



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