Let the voice of the people be heard.

Good morning.  First, let me say that I am not one who typically imposes any form of my beliefs on others, however, the issue facing Americans in the coming days regarding our National Debt Ceiling and the budget has encroached upon ridiculous and irresponsible.  We are days away from forclosing on our debts.  Now, I make no pretense of being an economist, but I can balance my checkbook.  Apparently in DC where we have allowed our politicians generations of not having to balance the national checkbook, that is a difficult task.  I understand that we will all have to sacrifice either money (taxes) or services, but this is something we should have resolved ages ago.  Therefore, I urge each of you (all 5 of my followers) to contact your Representative, your Senators and the President.  I e-mailed them this morning and asked them to work together and compromise.  We must all give some for this country to keep working.  It is past time for us as a nation to tighten our belts and work together to get through this.  I have included the websites for contacting your Representatives, Senators and the President  below.  God Bless America.

Senators:  http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
White House:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact
Representative:  https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml

It is time for the voice of the people to help guide this country, not just politicians.  One of the greatest tragedies in American politics has become the constant re-election process.



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