Lessons learned…

Yesterday evening I learned that one of the women who I worked with while I lived in Atlanta passed away unexpectedly in her sleep on Saturday.  She was neither old, nor was she in ill health.  It was simply her time.  I was very upset yesterday regarding this.  I remember her from the first day that I started at my former company.  I was fresh-eyed out of college, so very young, and so very new to the workworld and here I go and I am told that she works for me.  I didn’t know what to do really, but she took the time to show me around, get me acquainted with where everything was, get me up to speed on the office expectations and etiquette since every office is different.  She took the time over the next few weeks to remind me several times (when I forgot) how to use the copier or the fax machine.  She helped me navigate my way into corporate America.  More importantly than that, she was a friend and an ally when I felt overwhelmed with my new job and the responsibilities it entailed.  She taught me many things about people and circumstances.  And yesterday she taught me her last lesson, life is too short.


Not to preach, but life is very short, this we all know, but I think we often forget that.  We only have a set amount of time to be here.  We should take joy when we find it, deal with sadness as it comes, but we should strive to find that which makes us happy and complete.  We should embrace it and live a life that is full and joyful.  I think, actually, I know, that I often times get bogged down in the “small things”, the things that in a month, a year, ten years will not matter.  I need to spend more time doing the things that make me smile, spending more time with those that make me happy and more time loving.


I hope those of you who read this will find what makes you happy and embrace it.  God Bless.


Until We Meet Again,



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