Lessons Learned…Tennessee Tax Free Holiday!

Well, this past weekend was the State of Tennessee’s Tax Free Weekend.  I must admit I learned many valuable lessons this weekend and I thought that it would be only fair to share those with you.

1.  When they say tax exempt… that doesn’t include jewelry or accessories!

2.  Families come out en mass and leave their good behavior at home… i.e. I was trying on clothes in the women’s dressing room and I heard boys playing around in the general women’s dressing room area… yes, they were 16ish, 12ish and 9ish.  If your next question, was the husband there?  Yes, he was, however, he was waiting outside, just chilling… perhaps the wife should have asked him to take the children to an age appropriate place to wait?

3.  You want to see crazy?  Then go to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target or Office Depot.  Yes, next year’s Shark Week’s scariest sharks have *nothing* on some of the parents I saw this weekend.

4.  Apparently Pet’s clothing doesn’t get tax free status (Sorry Sadie & Beau, I know you two were just desperately wanting matching sweaters for this fall!).  Isn’t that discrimination?

5.   If you get really bored and are needing some entertainment, bring some friends, popcorn and candy to your local mall.  Find a comfortable bench and sit down and enjoy the madness!  The people watching is absolutely priceless!

Well, I am off to recover from this weekend, but I hope everyone has a great day!



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