It’s a Dog’s Life…

Good morning!  For those of you who know me, you know I adopted (well, I was adopted by) a Benji look-alike last year.  In the past year and a half, Sadie has wormed her way into getting to come into the office every day.  She is our official office greeter and in fact many of our clients come by our office just to say hi to her or bring her a treat… yes, she has a tough life.  Moreover, most of the banks that I go through not only recognize me by name, but they recognize Ms. Sadie and will give her treats.  Our mail-man at work always takes a few moments to pet Sadie.  All of my sweet neighbors ask about her, and I will randomly find little zip-lock bags of cooked chicken or other food on my doorstep with a little note “For Sadie”.  She has a heart of gold and is quite possibly the friendliest and best natured dog I have ever had the privilege of having.

All of this being said… it amazes me that her previous owners surrendered her to the animal shelter.  When I saw her, she had thankfully only been there for one day.  She was the only dog that was not barking (in fact, to this day, she rarely if ever barks).  Also, when we took her out to see her closer, it was near feeding time at the shelter.  The room we were put into is where all of the food was in bowls rady to serve.  She completely ignored the food and paid 100% of her attention to us.  What makes this even more amazing is that even though she is now almost 30 pounds, at that time she was only 18 or 19 pounds.  I think so many people adopt or buy animals forgetting that you are promising them a lifetime of care, love and companionship.  I encourage anyone who reads this to consider adopting a shelter dog or cat.  I know that even though I have given Sadie a home, she has given me so much more by way of her love and companionship.

“The average dog has one request to all humankind.  Love me.”  Helen Exley

Sadie resting on my stomach after my run.


Apparently waiting at home for me to return from my run was exhausting, so she promptly fell asleep on my stomach!


Taking a snooze at the office…apparently it is hard being cute and loveable all the time!


Her first boat ride… she immediately found the front of the boat and stayed there throughout the ride!


After getting into a Christmas Present… the evidence is right there!


Smiling for the camera!



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