How important is a thank you?

We are preached to as children to say “please” and “thank you”, yet it seems as we grow older many people forget the importance of a simple “Thank You!”.  Thus, I was shocked the other day as I went through one of my favorite drive-through restaurants to get a drink and the lady who always serves us drinks made a comment when I thanked her for my drink.  She said how rare it was to be thanked anymore.

That simple comment made me think (dangerous, I know) about how often we should thank others for helping us.  I mean, everyday people help me at work, at the drive-through, in committees, so many places and yet, so often I overlook what they do.  Therefore, I am challenging myself this week to not only be more thankful as a person, but to express it to those who help me.  I have already started by writing several Thank You notes to people who have helped me in recent weeks with various organizations, etc…  My next step is to say “Thank You” more often… This could be a challenge.

Well, anyway, I will keep you all posted on how the “Thank You” campaign goes!



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