Has anyone told you that you look like… Rudolph?

Well, it was bound to happen at some point during my training to run the marathon, but, I had rather hoped it would happen 3-4 weeks ago and not 9 days away. I got a cold. I know that sounds like a trivial matter, but to me (I fully acknowledge that I am not the strongest runner) it is a big deal. Oh well, long story short, I have a cold. During the course of the evening I went through approximately 2 boxes of tissues and at the office another box and a half. In the process of all this sneezing and sniffling I have truly come to resemble Rudolph! Oh well, I still have 9 days to get back on my feet, literally. Well, I’m off to open another box of tissues, take some medicine and get to feeling ready to run 26.2 miles!!! JCP


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