Crowds, Lines, Screaming Children and New Kicks!

So, I had been waiting on getting some new running shoes because, well, let’s be honest, the pairs that I wear to run in are exorbitantly expensive.  However, even though they are expensive, it is amazing what the difference a *good* pair of running shoes will make with your running.  These specifically help with over-pronation and knee pain (another incident where I was an idiot when I was younger and at times am still paying the price!).

Anyway, with this weekend being the Tennessee tax-free weekend, I decided that it was past time for a new pair of kicks!  Thus, on Sunday, my Mother and I braved the crowds, the lines, the screaming children and went to the shoe store that carries the types of running shoes I use.  For any of you who know me, there are several things that will put me in a fabulous mood (if you can’t sense the sarcasm dripping from that, please let me know).  Crowds, lines and screaming children are three things that I just adore!

Anyway, Mom and I go, fighting the crowd in my specific aisle and we get several pairs for me to review (I knew the general type I wanted, but my old shoe has been updated and re-issued, so I couldn’t just buy it and call it a day).  I then proceed to test the shoes.  Some people say that you can just walk around in running shoes to test how they will work; I wish I was one of those people.  I unfortunately need to know how they will feel while running.  Thus, I put them on with my dress and proceeded to jog around the store.  If your next thought was, how many weird looks did I get, well, let me answer that for you… a ton… the screaming children stopped screaming to point and I had several older ladies shaking their heads at me!  However, since most of the people were slightly crazy and frazzled since it was tax-free weekend, I hope that I will be allowed back in the store at a later date (perhaps I should go incognito with a wig and large sunglasses as well?).

Anyway, when all was said and done, it was definitely worth going during tax-free weekend because they were also running a special on the shoes I ended up choosing, so I saved almost $150!  Yes, I pretty much almost got a pair of my shoes for FREE!  Thus, next year when the insanity that is Tax-Free Weekend rolls around, you will see me braving the crowds, the lines, the screaming children and running around random shoe stores to get the perfect pair of running shoes!

The sweet look of success!!!

Until tomorrow!


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