Countdown to Kickoff…

 We are on the final countdown to Football Time in Tennessee… kickoff is only a few days away and the excitement is contagious!  I am fully immersed in UT stats, ready to talk football, ready to sing the Alma Mater, prepared to shout Rocky Top, ready to tail-gate and officially kick off the fall!  In looking at the analytics on this blog, I have noticed that many people who are reading this are not from the South and might not be aware of what football season means to me.  It is a time for friends to gather, cheer on their team and renew friendships.  I have included some photos below of what football season means to me!  Football season is about more than just football, it is about friends and family!  Go Vols!


Beth & I last season at the Home Opener.  Coach Dooley’s first game as a Volunteer!


Suz and I at the home opener two years ago.


Stephanie and I in Columbia, SC for the UT-SC game!  Go Vols!


The girls tail-gating before the game at my condo! Lesley, Meg, me, Suz, Jenna, Rachel


Tailgating right after graduation… Leslie, me, Ginger, Caroline


Out celebrating a victory…. Erin, me, Becky


Sorority Pose!  Me, Kelly, Jenna, Suz


Tailgating last year!  Jenn, Louise, Becky, Hudson, me and Kiel

I know this sounds trite, but I love the chance to wear my orange… cheer my team on and relax with good friends and family!  Go Vols!



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