Are we too connected?

This morning as I was at my office enjoying my morning S’mores Pop-Tart  (yes, I know, I’m 28, I should be over how wonderful a S’mores Pop-Tart tastes… but, I’m not.  I’ve loved them since they came out and I refuse to change now… anyway, that is off topic).

Regardless, I was enjoying my breakfast and checking my phones for messages – text, voice, email and chat while plugging my iPad in to recharge and update its software. I was also reading from newsmap (excellent news source),, bbc, yahoo news, facebook, twitter and my local newspaper simultaneously.  It then hit me… I might be a bit too connected.  We live in an age of instant communication, instant gratification and instant updates.  I was reading an article this morning about news in Egypt… within minutes of it being written.  How cool is that?

I know there are also downsides of being so connected… It is easy to O.D. on information, there is just so much out there, it is also easy to be overwhelmed with e-mails arriving at all hours, texts and chats at all times, constant news cycles, etc.

But, think about it this way, what if we told someone 100 years ago, that we would be able to learn and know instantly of things going on hundreds or thousands of miles away?  That we would be able to use satellites to help find people?  That we would be able to learn instantly of a disaster going on in another country and within hours organize relief supplies?  We live in an age of miracles and wonders.  At times like these while I’m posting to my blog, getting text alerts from one of the news sources I follow, preparing to video chat with a coworker and finalizing a plane ticket that I sit back and smile at the wonder of technology and the amazing age we live in.  We have come so far in such a short time… where will we be in 5 years?  10 years?  The possibilities are exciting!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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