And the training begins…

Well, I now have a fancy Garmin watch (which I LOVE!) and some new kicks, so what else could I do this morning but go for a great run out on the beach!  And, I use the term great in that in the grand scheme of my training for the half-marathon it was a SUPER short run today, only had to be three miles.  I, however, apparently am not quite as smart as my new Garmin watch and got confused about where I was and ran more like 3.5 miles.  Again, nothing strenuous, just a nice little jog.  So far Julie – 1 Training – 0.  Why do I doubt that I will be that glib in a few weeks? Haha.

Well, I am getting excited about the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in a few weeks as I have several friends who are planning on running it as well, so the weekend will be fun.  Also, I have lined up the training runs prior to the Half, so as of today, I am still excited.  Also, there is always the added benefit that you are burning more calories than normal, so hello my long lost food friends! haha.  Well, I am off to cheer WVU on with my Uncle, parents and cousin!



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